What's Street Edit?

The Street Edit is an inspirational editorial hub that caters to the millennial minds with thought-provoking and motivational content that spans across topics like fashion, travel, lifestyle, relationships, health and more. We focus on fashion a wee bit more because we are passionately biased towards the art of fashion, there we said it!  We are not just here to be a source of content discovery but also to be a channel that creates conversations, raises social awareness & provides an international connect. 

Why Street Edit?

We believe the best source of inspiration are the streets, yes the ordinary streets where real action happens. Be it street style inspiration or a moment of epiphany, the best stories are found on the streets but are often untold, unheard and unnoticed. These are the stories that we want to shed light on, to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary and to create simple yet strong content that motivates and inspires our readers. 

What do we stand for?

Awareness:  We wish to raise awareness in more ways than just one and talk about things that matter in daily life but are usually unspoken of, like fashion, travel, trending topics and lifestyle choices that make a huge impact. Small things make a big difference and it is this empowering thought-process that is reflected in our content, we want to inspire and aspire you to become change-makers and create an impact, however small or big it may be.

Community: The Street Edit is a community of intelligent, social, creative, individualistic types who believe in the beauty of change. The Street Edit is a community for all of those who have their own individualistic approach towards style, travel, trends and other things in life, it is a platform for those who thrive on inspiration and have creatively chaotic minds. 

Glocal Content: (Global + Local): We take inspiration from both the worlds to deliver the best glocalized content for the globe-trotters of today. Our content caters to those who don't shy away from moving forward but like to keep their feet on the ground, those who want to strike a balance between modernity and culture and those who believe in the beauty of socio-cultural progress. 

If you'd like to share a story or be a contributor with us, please email us at theofficialstreetedit@gmail.com! See you on the other side, Street Editors!