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Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 16 just got over and man, what a week it was! This was my first time attending a fashion week in India and I was thrilled, excited but also very clueless in terms of what to expect. I arrived in India almost two months back and I knew that this time I had to attend the Indian fashion week to get a glimpse of the fashion industry here. I met some really incredible people this past week, saw some amazing talent around, fell in love with clothes all over again and gathered lots & lots of inspiration. 

Having attended New York & Milan fashion weeks before, I was really keen on exhibiting my style which is more of classic/elegant chic. Deciding outfits is always so much fun but this time around I had to think a little harder because I had never seen the fashion week crowd here before. So as always, I decided to go with my gut and wear stuff that I really love and was also comfortable in. So if you'd like to know my day by day OOTDs and experience of the LFW India, don't hit that red cross and keep scrolling. 

DAY 1 

The first day was full of surprises for me, new place, new people and new energy. It was a great day though as I met some really talented designers, stylists and industry professionals. One of the highlights of the day for me, was Atsu's show, I was completely in love with eloquent clothes that definitely had an international appeal.  

For Day 1, I wore went monochrome with a slip dress and a ruffle top. My friend had told me before, that people really dress down here in India for Fashion week and she was absolutely right. I did notice that most people were sporting casual garbs but a select few had some really interesting details to their outfits and I had so much fun people-watching and absorbing inspiration like a sponge. I have always been of he belief that you dress for yourself & your own happiness rather than to please others or to blend with them, so I kept true to my style and wore what I wanted even if it wasn't blending with the majority aesthetics at the fashion week. 

Day 2

After my exciting first day at the Lakme Fashion Week, I was all set for the second one in my androgynous look. I paired this vintage Italian blazer (bought from Milan, Italy) with a pair of culottes. Although I have to agree, the blazer felt a little warm for Bombay humidity but as long as I was inside the shows, it was great (Thank you AC zones). Oh and yeah, I also bumped into Sarah Jane Dias and guess what she loved my outfit! She is such a cool kid, I tell you! 

Some of the shows I loved watching included Pella, Padmaja, Runway Bicycle, Three, Aagor by Ants Craft & Pariah by Pranami. The second day was handloom day (which I was unaware of earlier) and all the designers who were showcasing on the second day were celebrating the spirit of sustainable fashion. It was great to see sustainable fashion at the forefront and what I really loved was that the designs were in sync with  trends and needs of the hour. 


         Day 3

I wore my favorite suede skirt on day 3 that I had bought from a Vintage store in Milan and till date this is one my favorite items in my wardrobe. I paired it with a vintage Valentino shirt and yes, I am total sucker for classic vintage items and if you see my wardrobe I've got so much vintage stuff from Milan, Paris, L.A, Chicago etc. Did I tell you the bag is a Vintage Tods? Okay, before you label me as a Vintage Snob, I am going to move on to another topic.

Day 3 was eventful and one of the highlights was Kanishtha Dhankar telling me that she loves my outfit. In response, I told her I love you because I have such a major #girlcrush on her. I also really enjoyed watching the Vrisa and Aartivijay Gupta shows. Another surprise was to see Manisha Koirala walk the ramp for Chola, she was so graceful & elegant on the stage. The Chirag Nainani collection also showcased some great wearable & stylish tie-dye options, which would be an instant hit for tropical weather cities. 

Day 4

Day 4 was an important day for me because I was cheering my designer friend, Naveem wearing her label Aaylixir for her show. I've always believed that humility is a true mark of a genius, it is always important to be nice and kind no matter who you are or what you've achieved. I really want people to change the phrase from "You Can't Sit With Us' to 'You Can Sit With Us', because what is this success and fame for if you cannot embrace the most basic value of being nice and kind to people. Fortunately for me, I came across some amazing designers like Naveem, Atsu, Aartivijay Gupta who were extremely nice and kind. I did have my share of one or two bad experiences, one of the designers behaved like she couldn't care less when I went up to her stall to collect the passes, without even taking any effort or interest to talk or smile. And this was a brand that believes in sustainability, old world charm and warmth. 

Regardless of what profession you are into, it is vital to be nice and have a friendly demeanor that makes people comfortable and reciprocates positive vibes. But all in all, the majority people I met were extremely nice, humble and kind. 

Day 5

On the last day of Lakme fashion week, I decided to go ethnic in this gorgeous Sue Mue dress that was super light and easy to wear. I wore it with my current favorite ear-cuffs from Amrapali and was really happy with the way the whole look turned out especially because I don't do ethnic that often. 

I really enjoyed watching the Anushree Reddy show as the theme seemed to be all about happy girls being pretty girls, also Shilpa Shetty walking the ramp was a major boost. The collection exhibited a lot of florals that would be perfect for festive season. I also really enjoyed the Ridhi Mehra & Vineet rahul shows that were more on the lines of Indo-Western

Outfit Details:

Day 1 - Top: Chicwish, Dress & Bag: Zara, Bandana Scarf: TopShop, Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Day 2 - Blazer: Vintage (Bought from Milan), Culottes & Boots: Zara, Bag: Fendi, Scarf: Paul Smith

Day 3 - Shirt: Vintage Valentino, Skirt: Vintage (bought from Milan), Shoes: Zara, Pendant used as brooch: Coach, Bag: Vintage Tods

Day 4 - Pant-Suit: Aaylixir, Shoes: Donald J Pliner, Bag: M Missoni

Day 5 - Dress: Sue Mue Designs, Delhi, Ear-cuffs: Amrapali, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Bag: Ritu K