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If you have recently moved to Milan or have a few days to spare here, you must visit two near-by spots to the city - Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. I have been to both but the pictures here are from Lake Maggiore. You will need to take a train from Milan to Stressa which is about an hour's journey to visit this beautiful little spot. I would say a day or two should be enough for this place and it's really worth visiting, no REALLY! 

This beautiful town is surrounded by lake Maggiore and the alps, which will make for your perfect hotel-room view. The place is adorned in gorgeous shades of blue all over and the alps just make the view worth gazing for hours. There are three islands in this town, which are accessible by boat and have lush green gardens and some really amazing restaurants too. All you want to do once you arrive at these islands, is sit back and relax and soak in all the beauty around you. You should also try the Gelato they serve here, it's pretty damn good but then again when and where is the Gelato in Italy not good?! ;)