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Get lost in nature and you will find yourself!

I believe the best way to find yourself is to immerse yourself in nature. Every once in a while, we should try and go to some place that offers us complete solace. The hills, the mountains, the forests, the lakes are the best stress-busters according to me. Nothing heals you the way nature does, no medicine and no therapy has the same charm as the wonderful nature around us. Have you ever thought why do we keep going back to such beautiful places that nature has to offer? Why are the lakes or the hills always the top choice for our weekend getaways? 

Well, the answer may differ over here but I think most of us will agree that visiting these places is not just a reason for us to get away from our busy city-lives but is more of a reason to get in touch with ourselves. Because truly, getting in touch with nature is getting in touch with yourself. No matter how many friends you have or how good your life is, it is important to talk to yourself, to look within and understand yourself, your needs, your dreams and answer the most puzzling question of all times 'Where am I headed in life?'. And to be honest, if I have to think about these things in a cafe or at home, I feel stressed and worried and I have to force myself to think. On the other hand, if I am in a place surrounded by nature, these thoughts automatically generate in my head and float like a rhythm. There is no stress or worry but just a calm and peaceful feeling.  

So yes, I would urge you all to take a break every once in a while even if you don't want to and visit a place that helps you connect with nature and eventually with your own-self. Visit the mountains or the lakes and if there is absolutely nowhere that you can go then go and spend an hour or two in a park. Relax, relieve and reconnect! :)

I visited one of Italy's best nature spots back in the summer, Lake Como. And I know you have heard about how beautiful this place is and that George Clooney has his summer house/villa here. Yes, this place is incredibly gorgeous and picturesque. The lake is surrounded by lush green mountains that have the most adorable houses located on it. You must do the boat or the bus ride in order to explore all the beauty that this place has to offer. I would say a day-trip would be ideal to explore this place but you can stay back for a day or two depending on your relaxation levels. ;) If you visit Milan, you can take a train to Lake Como and arrive there in an hour and spend your day lurking at the beautiful sights this place has to offer. 

On an ending note though, I would say go and get lost in the beauty of nature to truly find yourself. And while you do that, don't forget to keep me posted! ;)